Donna Davis is a wonderful teacher and coach and I highly recommend her. She made me a better speaker and her advice helped me become the Mayor of Berkeley. 
 —Tom Bates

In my twenty years as a speaker I never met a warmer, more knowledgeable or trustworthy coach. Donna Davis is insightful, emotionally generous and smart. She can help you manage anything. Janet Stone, Director of Speaking Up, co-author of Speaking Up-A Book for Every Woman Who Talks. Ms. Davis offered her profound knowledge of dramatic literature to help me seek out and develop two audition pieces. She is a skilled acting coach and a pleasure to work with.
  —Lynne Allen

I have become more effective, not only in my court-room presentation, but in dealing with clients, other attorneys, and witnesses.
  —Elisabeth Olney Anderson
, Attorney at Law

Donna Davis’ superb coaching won, for me, a 10 year long court case and saved me tens of thousands of dollars. By teaching me that HOW I behave is just as important as WHAT is said, Donna Davis has ensured that my problems are now OVER! Thank You Donna!
  —Michael McNabb

I have met with Donna Davis twice for consultation regarding two different aspects in my profession where I felt I needed help. One was how to enter in and be heard more effectively at a large meeting where some people are dominating the conversation. Another was on presentation skills when speaking to a group. In both instances she helped me with everything from posture to voice and movement exercises to practical conversation and presentation skills. I was able to put everything into practice immediately and noticed a difference even after these first two sessions.
  —Diana Couch, 
Pastoral Associate, St. Mary’s Church

The techniques I learned while working with Donna Davis helped me to preserve my leadership and presentation skills during high pressure situations.
 —Peter Kocks, President, BayGate

I got through more material in less time, just by shutting up!
  —Psychology Professor, University of California at Berkeley

Donna Davis enabled me to be more of myself, and the best of whatever that self is. I use (the work) all the time. I’m about to make some long contemplated, hitherto intimidating changes with newly felt confidence because of what she has done for me. (This work has been) one of the two or three most valuable experiences of my life.  —Peggy Price

These coaching sessions have enabled me to articulate my problems, and to free up the process of expression.
  —Howard Bridges

The skills I have gained and honed working with Donna Davis have made me a better speaker and presenter. I am more confident and effective and could see the results of her work immediately. Her coaching changed and enhanced my life.
  —Kathy Owens, 
Ministerial Candidate

I found out I was sending people mixed signals, and learned how to be clear.
  —Charlie Grasser, 
Kaiser Aluminum

Our ministerial intern came to us with a speaking voice that required much amplification, and her phrasing was awkward. Since working with Donna, her voice now rings clearly through the sanctuary and her delivery is becoming smoother all the time.
  —Lynne Cahoon

Donna helped me in a myriad of ways. I came to her for help on presentations, from how to organize and write them to how to deliver them. The result was a very tangible improvement, for which I have been constantly praised ever since. As a foreigner, a slight accent makes it difficult at times to be understood clearly. Working with Donna helped me to overcome that obstacle. She uses her theater experience not only to correct one’s speech, but also to improve and facilitate the delivery.
  —Mariano Espinosa, Finance Manager
, Charles Schwab & Co.

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